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Reedsport High School Wrestlers going to nationals!

Recently, we discovered that EIGHT High School Wrestlers from Reedsport needed our help! They were ready to

compete in the National Finals but they were short of the funds needed to cover the costs. Along with other citizens and businesses, we jumped in and donated $1,650 toward the cause.


Can you believe that EIGHT young people from Reedsport are going to Nationals? We applaud those young kids and their tenacity. Great job to Coach Bo and the rest of the gang. As well as all the parents of those teenagers!


We encourage everyone to try and do their part in giving back!


Maybe it’s just opening the door for an elderly stranger or offering a friend an encouraging word during a difficult time, we can all do more for our Community.

Thank you for your continued support. It takes a village to make a Community the BEST. 

-Herbal Choices

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